by Conspiratio

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Every year we brave the weather to entertain the unsuspecting with traditional wassailing. We hope you'll enjoy these selections from our repertoire!


released December 16, 2016

Conspiratio are:
Sopranos: Amanda Keogh, Carol Monahan
Altos: Marie Cooley, Victoria Dzenis
Tenor: Ezra Homison
Bass: William Elder



all rights reserved


Conspiratio Seattle, Washington

"Conspiratio" is the latin word for harmony. It literally means "breathing together". It also means conspiracy. We conspire solely to amuse ourselves and others with very old songs, mostly about drinking!

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Track Name: Gower Wassail
A wassail, a wassail throughout all this town
Our bread it is white and our ale it is brown
Our wassail is made of the good ale and true
Some nutmeg and ginger, it’s the best we can brew

Chorus: Fol de dol, fol de dol de dol,
Fol de dol de dol, fol de dol de dee
Fol de dero, fol de da dee, sing tu re lye do

Our wassail is made of the elderberry bough
And so my good neighbor we’ll drink unto thou
Besides all on Earth, you’ll have apples in store
Pray let us come in for it’s cold by the door

There’s a master and a mistress sitting down by the fire
While we poor wassailers stand here in the mire
And if we survive for another New Year
Perhaps we may call and see who do live here

We know by the moon that we are not too soon
And we know by the sky that we are not too high
We know by the stars that we are not too far
And we know by the ground that we are within sound
Track Name: To Drive the Cold Winter Away
All hail to the days that merit more praise
Than all the rest of the year
And welcome the nights that double delights
As well for the poor as the peer
Good fortune attend each merry man’s friend
That doth but the best that he may
Forgetting old wrongs, in carols and songs
To drive the cold winter away

‘Tis ill for the mind to anger inclined
To think of small injuries now
If wrath be to seek do not lend her thy cheek
Nor let her inhabit thy brow
Cross out of thy books malevolent looks
Both Beauty and Youth’s decay
And wholly consort with mirth and with sport
To drive the cold winter away

This time of the year is spent in good cheer
And neighbors together do meet
To sit by the fire with friendly desire
Each other in love to greet
Old grudges forgot are put in the pot
All sorrows aside they lay
The old and the young doth carol this song
To drive the cold winter away
Track Name: Ríu, Ríu, Chíu
Riu, riu chiu la guarda ribera
Dios guardo el lobo de nuestra cordera
Riu, riu chiu la guarda ribera
Dios guardo el lobo de nuestra cordera

El lobo rabioso la quiso morder
Mas Dios poderoso la supo defender
Quiso le hazer que no pudiesse pecar
Ni aun original esta Virgen to tuviera

Este ques naçido es el gran Monarcha
Christo patriarca de carne vestido
Hanos redimido con se hazer chiquito
Aunque era infinito, finito se hiziera

Yo vi mil garçones que andavan cantando
Por aqui bolando haziendo mil sones
Diziendo a gascones, Gloria sea en el cielo
Y paz en el suelo, pues Jesus nasçiera

Riu, riu, chiu [says] the guard by the river:
God protected our ewe from the wolf

The furious wolf tried to bite her
But almighty God protected her well
He made her so she could know no sin
None of the original sin did this virgin have

The one who is born is a great monarch
The patriarch Christ, clothed in flesh
He redeemed us be becoming a little child
He who was infinite became finite.

I saw a thousand young men singing as they went
Flying by, making a thousand sounds
Saying to the Gascons, Glory be in heaven
And peace on earth, now that Jesus is born.
Track Name: Little Barley-Corne
Come and do not musing stand, if thou the truth discerne
But take a full cup in thy hand, and thus begin to learne
Not of the Earth, nor of the Ayre, at evening or at morne,
But joviall boyes, your Christmas keep
With a little Barley-Corne

It is the cunningest alchymist, that ere was in the land
‘Twill change your mettle, when it list, in turning of a hand
Your blushing gold to silver wan, your silver into brasse
‘Twill turn a tailor to a man,
And a man into an asse

‘Twill make a weeping widow laugh, and soon incline to pleasure
‘Twill make an old man leave his staff, and dance a youthful measure
And though your clothes be ne’er so bad, all ragged, rent and torne
Against the cold you may be clad
With a little Barley-Corne

‘Twill make a miser prodigall, and show himself kind-hearted
‘Twill make him never grieve at all, that from his coin hath parted
‘Twill make a shepherd to mistake his sheep before a storme
‘Twill make the poet to excel:
This little Barley-Corne
Track Name: Orientis Partibus
Orientis partibus adventavit asinus,
Pulcher et fortissimus, sarcinis aptissimus,
Hez, Sir Asnes, hez!

From the East the donkey came, stout and strong as twenty men
Ears like wings and eyes like flame, striding into Bethlehem
Hez, Sir Asnes, hez!

Amen dicas Asine iam satur de gramine
Amen, amen itera, aspernare vetera,
Hez, Sir Asnes, hez!

Wrap him now in cloth of gold, all rejoice who see him pass,
Mirth inhabit young and old, on this feast-day of the Ass,
Hez, Sir Asnes, hez!

Translation of Latin verses:
From eastern parts came the donkey
beautiful and most strong, most fit for burdens

Say amen, donkey, soon sated on grass
amen, amen, again, put off your sloth!
Track Name: Of All the Birds
Of all the birds that ever I see
The Owl is the fairest in her degree
For all the day long she sits in a tree
And when the night comes, away flies she.

To whit
To who
To whom drinks thou?
Sir knave, to thee!
This song is well sung I make you a vow
And he is a knave that drinketh now (x2)

Nose, nose, jolly red nose
And who gave thee thy jolly red nose?
Cinnamon and ginger
Nutmeg and cloves
And that gave thee thy jolly red nose (x2)

Of all the birds that ever I see
The Owl is the fairest in her degree
For all the day long she sits in a tree
And when the night comes, away flies she.
Track Name: Two French Carols
A la venue de Noël chacun se doit bien réjouir
Car c’est un testament nouvel que tout le monde doit tenir

Joseph est bien marié, Joseph est bien marié
A la fille de Jesse, a la fille de Jesse
C’était chose bien nouvelle
Que d’être mère et pucelle
Dieu y a bien operé,
Joseph est bien marié

At the coming of Christmas, everyone must rejoice well
For there is a new testament which all the world must profess

Joseph is well married, Joseph is well married
To the daughter of Jesse, to the daughter of Jesse
It is truly a new thing
To be both a mother and a maiden
God did good work there
Joseph is well married
Track Name: The Boar's Head
The boar’s head in hand bear I, bedecked with bays and rosemary
And I pray you, my masters, be merry quot estis in convivio
{translation: as many as are at the feast}

Caput apri defero, reddens laudes Domino
{translation: I bring the boar’s head, reciting praises to the Lord}

The boar’s head, as I understand, is the rarest dish in all this land
Which thus bedecked with a gay garland let us servire cantico
{translation: serve it up with a song}

Our steward hath provided this, in honor of the King of bliss
Which on this day to be servéd is, in reginensi atrio
{translation: in the queen’s hall}
Track Name: In Dulci Jubilo
In dulci jubilo nun singet und seid froh
Unsers herzens Wonne leit in praesepio
Und leuchtet als die Sonne matris in gremio
Alpha es et O, Alpha es et O

O Jesu parvule nach dir ist mir so weh
Tröst mir mein Gemüte o puer optime
Durch alle deine Güte o princeps gloriae
Trahe me post te, trahe me post te

In sweet rejoicing, now sing and be glad!
Our hearts' joy lies in the manger;
And he shines like the sun in his mother's lap.
You are the alpha and omega!

Oh tiny Jesus, after so much hurt
Console me in my soul, oh best boy,
By all your goodness, oh prince of glories
Bring me along with you!
Track Name: Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle!
Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle --
Un flambeau! Courons au berceau!
C'est Jésus, bonnes gens du hameau.
Le Christ est né; Marie appelle!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que la Mère est belle,
Ah! Ah! Ah! Que l'Enfant est beau!

Qui vient là, frappant de la porte?
Qui vient là, en frappant comme ça?
Ouvrez-donc, j'ai posé sur un plat
Des bons gateaux, qu'ici j'apporte
Toc! Toc! Toc! Ouvrons-nous la porte!
Toc! Toc! Toc! Faisons grand gala!

C'est un tort, quand l'Enfant sommeille,
C'est un tort de crier si fort.
Taisez-vous, l'un et l'autre, d'abord!
Au moindre bruit, Jésus s'éveille.
Chut! chut! chut! Il dort à merveille,
Chut! chut! chut! Voyez comme il dort!

Doucement, dans l'étable close,
Doucement, venez un moment!
Approchez! Que Jésus est charmant!
Comme il est blanc! Comme il est rose!
Do! Do! Do! Que l'Enfant repose!
Do! Do! Do! Qu'il rit en dormant!
Track Name: Gloucestershire Wassail
Wassail, wassail all over the town
Our bread it is white and our ale it is brown
Our bowl it is made of the white maple tree
With a wassailing bowl, we’ll drink unto thee

Here’s a health to the ox, and to his right eye
Pray God send our master a good Christmas pie
A good Christmas pie that we may all see
With a wassailing bowl, we’ll drink unto thee

Here’s a health to the cow, and to her long tail
Pray God send our master a good cask of ale
A good cask of ale that we may all see
With a wassailing bowl, we’ll drink unto thee

Come butler, come bring us a bowl of the best
Then I pray that your soul in Heaven may rest
But if you do bring us a bowl of the small
May the Devil take butler, bowl and all!

And here’s to the maid in the lily-white smock
Who tripped to the door, and slipped back the lock
Who tripped to the door, and pulled back the pin
For to let these jolly wassailers in

Wassail, wassail all over the town
Our bread it is white and our ale it is brown
Our bowl it is made of the white maple tree
With a wassailing bowl, we’ll drink unto thee
Track Name: Please to See the King
Joy, health love and peace be all here in this place
By your leave we will sing, concerning our king

Our king is well dressed in silks of the best
In ribbons so rare, no King can compare

We have travelled many miles over hedges and styles
In search of our king, to you we bring

We have powder and shot to conquer the lot
We have cannon and ball to conquer them all

Old Christmas is past, Twelfth Night is the last
And we bid you adieu, great joy to the new!